Punto Storage

An essential mark transformed into storage

Designer Daniele Lago · 2003

A simple dot transformed into storage. Lively, dynamic, emotional, fun, the Punto container makes a strong visual impact. Versatile and available in three sizes with three depths, it can be adapted to any space, from the living room to the entry or the children’s room.


Mirrored door

In the version with mirrored doors, Punto is perfect for the bathroom or the bedroom.


Customisable in form and colours

The Punto storage unit is highly customisable in terms of form and materials. It is available in polished glass, with doors in opaque glass and mirrored doors, as well as in various shapes: round, square and rectangular.


Perfect for all spaces in your home

Punto is a perfect storage unit for all areas of the house: from the living room to the study, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
All technical materials of the Punto Storage
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