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Hero Sofa

Designer sofa with soft forms and a cosmopolitan feel

Designer Mauro Lipparini · 2022

Hero boasts radical geometric armrests and backrests that surround the seats. Interlocking forms that jostle and jut out make for a sophisticated sofa design with soft lines. Refined sartorial upholstery with dexterous quilting creates a sense of rhythm and movement across the interior surfaces. To finish, an elegant play on light-and-dark effects shakes up the design, for a dynamic look. Thanks to its modular mould, the Hero seating design can be used to create countless compositions with real character.

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Artisanal quality

Artisanal-quality upholstery work creates a sense of rhythm and movement on the surfaces of the seat. Light-and-dark effects are used elegantly to shake up the sofa design, for a dynamic finish.

Design corner sofa | Hero Sofa | LAGO

Versatile designs

The Hero collection allows you to freely design a range of solutions: linear, corner sofas with chaise longue, ideal for living rooms with character. 

Maximum comfort

The quilted fabric and internal structure make Hero an ultra soft and comfy sofa, for relaxing in the living room.

A selection of the best variants

Hero Sofa 2731 | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2731

2732 Hero Sofa | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2732

2613 Hero Sofa | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2613

2130 Hero Sofa | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2130D

2131 Hero Sofa | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2131

Hero Sofa 2612-1 | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2612

2701 Hero Sofa | LAGO

Hero Sofa 2701

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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