modern bed with beige fabric headboard | Air Bed | LAGO

Air Bed

A modern, elegant bed to add a light touch to the bedroom space.

Designer Daniele Lago · 2008

Thanks to the extra-clear tempered glass supports, which are fully transparent, the modern Air bed appears to float on air, filling the bedroom with a great sense of levity. LAGO bed headboards can be infinitely customised and accessorised: in Wildwood oak or in smooth or ruched fabric, wall-mounted with shelving or free-standing to be used with functional bedside tables – they adapt to every context and style. LED lighting can be built in under the bed base, to further emphasise the iconic, evocative, floating effect The Air bed – whether single, queen or double – is an elegant piece that fits perfectly into any type of interior. Free of any frames, it makes the bedroom easier to clean.

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modern bed with fabric headboard | Air Bed | LAGO

An ultra-light look

The inverted elements – with transparent glass supports to contrast the physicality of the base – interpret the space in a new way, creating an extremely light effect in the bedroom.

modern bed with elegant glass supports | Air Bed | LAGO

In safe hands with tempered glass

Supports made from tempered glass – six times stronger than normal glass – are fastened to the base with a secure, stable mechanism, making them highly resistant to knocks, heat and temperature changes, and ensuring a long-lasting product. 

modern bed with glass supports | Air Bed | LAGO

Freedom of movement

The essential design of the Air bed, defined by the extra-clear tempered glass supports and the absence of the bed frame, allows for less space and guarantees greater freedom of movement.

suspended bed with wooden headboard and integrated bedside tables | Air Bed | LAGO

Infinitely customisable and accessorisable

The Air bed is designed to be functional and freely transformable to fit any space and design. The fully customisable headboards, backs and bedside tables hook onto any part of the frame, thanks to patented brackets, and can be freely repositioned.

One design, many headboards and accessories

Wood and fabric, shelves and bedside tables come together in various combinations, to create a bed to suit every need and style.

modern bed with glass supports | Air Bed | LAGO


Headboards in different soft fabrics, offering the ultimate comfort in the bedroom.

floating bed with wooden headboard | Fluttua Bed | LAGO

Air Wildwood

Wildwood headboards, with or without elegant shelves, make for a uniquely elegant bed design.

modern lightweight double bed | Air Bed | LAGO

Air Replis

A sensual headboard featuring natural folds gives the bed a soft look that’s fresh every time.

suspended bed with fabric and glass headboard | Fluttua Bed | LAGO

Air Free

Different materials blend harmoniously together, creating exceptionally refined headboards you can accessorise with shelves or bedside tables.

comfy bed with grey headboard and metal legs | Steel Bed | LAGO

Air Soft

Soft fabrics for a voluptuous headboard that creates an indulgent feeling of comfort in the bedroom space.

A selection of the best variants

Air Bed 1500 | LAGO

Air Bed 1500

Air Bed 1501 | LAGO

Air Bed 1501

Air Wildwood Bed 1521 | LAGO

Air Bed 1521

Air Replis Bed 1531 | LAGO

Air Bed 1531

Air Wildwood Bed 1524 | LAGO

Air Bed 1524

Air Bed 1520 | LAGO

Air Bed 1520

Air Wildwood Bed 1527 | LAGO

Air Bed 1527

Air Bed 1507 | LAGO

Air Bed 1507

Air Replis Bed 1537 | LAGO

Air Bed 1537

Air Soft Bed 1562 | LAGO

Air Bed 1562

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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